As many of the 75 million family caregivers across North America can attest, serving as the caregiver for a family member or other loved can be both an extremely rewarding and emotionally and physically trying experience. Many family caregivers describe “falling into the role” of care provider without any previous training or ongoing support to balance their various responsibilities and duties. This can create a situation where family caregivers feel burned out or overwhelmed. Having practical advice around how to best care for your loved one and how to make sure you are caring for yourself in the process is essential for family caregivers.  Whether you are temporarily serving as a family caregiver for a loved on recovering from a hospitalization or acute medical condition or you are a long-time caregiver to a loved one with a chronic disease, such as Alzheimer’s or cancer, discovering new ways to address your loved one’s care needs and becoming familiar with caregiving best practices is empowering and valuable.
The Handbook of Live-In Care is the first publication of its kind that is intended specifically for family caregivers; written by clinical psychologists and experts in in-home care, the book provides practical advice in caring for a loved one not only in terms of step-by-step instructions on how to assist in activities of daily living (e.g. bathing, grooming, toileting) but also the entire spectrum of a loved one’s needs, including psychological, social and self-esteem needs. Topics explored include:
  • The Psychology of Home Bound Seniors
  • How to Exercise Safely
  • How to Care for Teeth and Gums
  • The Facts on Live-In Care
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